Last Day on Tour…

As Frank Sinatra says….. Start spreading the news, i’m leaving today…..

Yeah, after 148 days of travelling, i have one more to go. After returning to the hostel to check out, Stu and I headed downtown to do a bit of window shopping and to take in the last of the sights.

After taking all the relevant photos, empire state, chrysler building etc etc, we both decided that neither of us had enough to shop, but didnt care because we’d had the greatest holiday together.. ever!

We returned to the hostel and hiked to the bus stop to catch the bus to La Guardia airport. The fare was $2 but we managed to blag our way on for free. Doing the typical traveller thing and saving cash to the very last minute. hehehe

Finally arriving at the airport and sorting out a seat for me on the flights. (the flight numbers had changed and i was supposedly not travelling home that day), we headed to the gate and sat waiting for our flight to Philly. After a little wait we arrived in Philly only to find out we had a 2hr delay. It was at this point i realised quite how rude, ignorant and completely F***ing annoying english people really are. We were delayed 2 hrs for christ sake, you’d think that the airline had murdered their children and told them they would never return home or something. Stu and I sat patiently whilst every english person moaned and groaned for 2hrs until we boarded the plane and waited for take off. Even once we took off, i still had some english guy opposite complaining that he was delayed.

In the end i told him to just relax and be greatfull he was going home that night and not the following night. Don’t think he took to kindly to it, but he didnt talk to me for the rest of the flight which was fine by me.

Once home it all began to sink in… I was back, and i wasn’t moving to a new hostel any time soon, perhaps i should leave my backpack packed and take clothes out as i need them so that i feel at home. The strange thing is, at the moment, home doesn’t feel like home, i’m not sure where my home is anymore!


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