Staten Island

After yet another late night Stu and i got up and headed out for some fresh air to wake us up. The weather in the city was a bit misty but it started to clear up towards the afternoon.

We went down to Battery Park and wandered about there taking pictures and watching the break dancers. We then hopped on the Staten Island Ferry and went out onto the river. From the ferry you get a really good view of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Best of all is it is free. We got off the very to have a look around Staten Island but quickly realised there really was nothing there at all.

Once we retunred to Battery Park, Stu and I walked to the nearest subway station and attempted to head back to the hostel. I say attempted because we ended up doing a tour of the NY ghetto’s visiting Harlem and standing out like a sore thumb in the Bronx. To top it all off on our return we ended up at 42nd street, still miles from where we were headed. We’ve now realised that you really do have to pay attention when your on the subway and that you can’t disappear off into a world of your own… If you do you seemingly end up in one of the ghettos in NY.

Later we headed out to a bar for some drinks, a few drinks later we were in the worst club i’ve ever been in which just played Drum ‘n’ Bass, which if you have never heard before just sounds, (pardon my language) F****ng terrible ! I’d like to say that a few drinks later it began to grow on me, like most things do when you drink… but no, it was still awfull. We then went to a little quiet bar where i had another beer before Stu and i had to carry a friend of ours 14 blocks back to her hotel because she couldn’t stand. Some of these american girls really can’t handle their drink. Luckily Stu and I can…. most of the time haha


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