Our first full day in the city was spent trying to get our heads around the damn subway system. Not having a map of the subway and still extremely tired from the previous nights walking, we got on the blue line near the hostel and headed for Battery Park. Not having a clue where we were we decided to get off the subway and take a look about, wherever we were. Turned out we were in Brooklyn…… no where near where we wanted to be haha.

Quickly walking towards the river we spotted the Brooklyn Bridge and decided that we’d give up on the subways as we were obviously better walking. We walked accross the bridge looking at the views and trying to avoid cyclists. (who’d cyucle over a bridge hey?…. oh wait a minute!….) Just as we were coming to the end of the bridge it started to rain and so we dived for cover into the nearest subway. This time we got ourselves a map and so now we are all set and know (roughly) where we are headed.

The rest of the day was spent wandering about and going by Wall Street and the WTC. We then took a trip up to 5th Ave to come to the apple store to use the internet for free so that i could update the blog, before heading back to the hostel for a shower.

in the evening we got ourselves some tickets to a stand up comedy show in some little comedy club on Broadway. Some of these guys were hilarious and Stu in particular liked one guy, who was a little crazy and kept doing strange actions and jumping about the stage. His funniest had to be the Greyhound. Pics of Stu re enacting this are to follow! He had us all in stitches. They were all pretty funny and some of them have been on MTV, The late show with David Letterman and on Saturday night live, so they were all pretty good comics.

The rest of the night turned into a bit of a blur and we ended up in some bar downtown getting our drinks paid for us. I worked my charms again kate… free drinks for the poor travellers. hehehe. Not sure it will work in Blackpool when i get home..shame!

We got back to the hostel this morning just before lunchtime :-p. Plan of action for today…. who knows!


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