Arrival in the Big Apple

After leaving the YMCA and heading to the bus terminal in downtown Boston we were pretty tired. It was 5.30am and we had to cram onto a bus with a load of chinese folk. Luckily i wasn’t asked to take any photos, think i’d of slapped them at that time of the morning.

The reason the bus was full of chinese folk was because we had been told by a friend of Caz that we could get a bus called the Fung Wah bus to China town in NYC for just $15 each. That saved us about $30 in total and at this late stage in the trip, all savings are good.

We finally made it to NYC around 11.00am and then consulted the trustly Lonely Planet to see where the hostel was. 106th street. We were on 1st street… packs on our back and front we started walking in search of a subway station and in the end we gave up. Walking 64 blocks with our packs we stopped in a sweaty aching mess and checked out where the nearest station was. Being tight arse travellers we were going to walk 106 blocks to save ourselves a total of $4. In the end we bit the bullet and hopped on the tube.

Arriving at the hostel we were told that we couldn’t check in until 3pm so we dropped our bags and headed out again. Walking again.. we figured why catch the tube if we dont need to and so we walked 70 blocks or so to times square, grabbed a drink and looked in toys’r’us before walking back. Once checked into the hostel we headed for the showers to freshen up and then had a nap.

Later that evening we decided to go for a walk, 70 blacks later, we were back in times square and so we grabbed dinner had some drinks and before we knew it it was nearing 3am. By this point we’d got as far as Penn Station and so decided to walk back. We walked back from 30th street all the way up the side of Central Park to 106th street and finally made it to bed around half 4 this morning.


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