It’s Fun To Stay At the YMCA..

Having spent all night on the bus from Tremblant to Boston we were tired and grumpy and having not been able to get in touch with the hostel in Boston we decided to turn up and hope for the best. “fully booked sorry” was the response we got.

Trekking the streets of Boston with extremely heavy bags, tired, cold and grumpy it was as though the song started playing in our heads…..

Young man theres no need to feel down, i said young man pick yourself of the ground…. blah blah its fun to stay at the YMCA. haha

Never been in one in my life as they always looked a bit odd, but tired and cold we walked in and asked if they had rooms for some poor travellers. Next minute we had a key and were in bed sleeping for a few more hrs before going for a look about Boston.

When we woke up we headed out and walked into the city stopping off at Cheers to take a photo (really not impressive). I had to listen to Stu all day trying to remember the words to the song. All he could remember was “where everybody knows your name, do, do, do, do.” I must have heard it a billion times that day as he tried his best to remember it.. he didn’t!

We then headed to Boston Comon and started the 2.5 mile walk on the Freedom trail around Boston looking at all these old colonial buildings and finding out about all the famous people who helped lead the revolution. Think stu was bored a little but i found it interesting. After walking through little italy and wishing we had more cash to eat some food we headed back toward the common and managed to catch a double bill of films at the cinema before heading back to the YMCA for a few games of cards and an early night.


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