Mount Tremblant Part Deux

After heading out on the apres ski and managing a pathetic one pint before heading home we woke up bright and early this morning to get to the mountain for 9.30. The minute i climbed out of bed my body was just hurting all over. Seven hours of intense skiing had done me in the previous day.

Stu and I got our gear and headed to the top of the mountain and did a couple of blue runs before we decided that we would try out some of the scenic green ones. Ones that we had planned to do the previous day haha. The weather was gorgeous and i was desperately working on the facial tan and removing my goggles at every opportunity whilst enjoying the great views of the lake and mountains.

As we returned back to the top of the lift we met up with Caz and then headed back to the harder stuff to practice the stuff i’d learnt the previous day and stu continued to practice his 360 degree turns whilst attempting to not fall over.

After having a break for lunch we met up with Caz’s friend Jen who was also teaching me yesterday and i basically had 2 on 1 instruction which was really good as they both told me to do the same things but in different ways. Some worked for me others didn’t. Just about mastering the parrallel turn and slowly getting the hang of the pole planting (i can only do this when i get into a rythm on a nice un-rutted slope). My next challenge was to complete the slalom course. Caz went first and Stu went down the slope next to us and met her at the bottom. Jen said c’mon its just doing your turns through gates. It wasn’t quite that simple although i did make it to the bottom without falling or looking too scruffy so i was chuffed to bits about that, especially when i saw Jen on her ass at the bottom. :-p

The rest of the afternoon we spent doing some black runs before we decided to take a break and head to the bar for a beer. A few beers later we headed back to the slopes and decided that we’d ski until the lifts stopped. By the time the lifts had stopped i was pretty thankfull as my legs were beggining to burn and the steep black runs weren’t helping much.

We dumped our gear back at the rental shop and hit the bar for some Apres ski before heading back to the Gap for dinner. Now back at the hostel we’re waiting to go back out on the beer as it is our last night here. Its a shame really as i want to stay longer and practice the new things i’ve learnt… hopefully i will remember them for next time!!!!!!

We’ve had a great few days here in Tremblant but its time to head to Boston tomorrow before getting to NYC.


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