Mount Tremblant, Canada

After an epic 12 hours of travelling we FINALLY made it out to Mt Tremblant. Tremblant is a ski resort in Quebec not a long way from Montreal.

Once we got off the bus and had settled into the hostel, Stu and I chilled out and watched a movie before Caz called by the Hostel. For those of you who don’t know Caz she used to work at Owd Nells with us, she has been out here skiing since Jan doing what they call Ski le Gap. We sampled the happy hour at the hostel before Caz took us over to the Gap where they were all staying for some free food. later came the drinking and then it was bedtime.

This morning we got up bright and early… well early anyway, and headed to the mountain. We got our rentals and then met up with Caz and one of the instructors Ricky Lee. We got the chair lift up to the top and straight away like a baptism of fire, we did a black diamond. This means it is very steep and therefore very fast. Getting to the bottom in one piece we then headed up and did another run before Ricky Lee decided he was going to take us down a double black diamond, meaning its the hardest. 3rd run of the day and we’re doing double blacks….

This run was called Dynamite, right there and then i should have clicked that with a name like that it should be pretty tough. It was incredibly steep and covered in Moguls. Now i have never done a mogul in my life but Ricky was trying to explain how to do it and slowly we started to get the hang of it. What i mean is we weren’t falling over quite so frequently. hahaha. about half way down the Moguls stop and there looks to be a drop. This drop happens to be about 10-12 feet and it is almost vertical. We stopped and then he’s like, c’mon guys it’ll be fine, lets go. so we slide of the edge of this sheer drop and somehow stay standing. Pretty intense for the 3rd run of the day. we continued down the moguls to the bottom before catching the lift back to the top for more stupidly challenging runs. On the way backup the lift he told me that it was one of the hardest runs in north east america. Nutter.. could’ve told me that before hand!!

Later that afternoon we were carrying on on the blacks and blues and Caz started teaching us how to do proper parrallel turns and how to plant my poles. She gave up trying to teach stu as he just doesnt do turns haha. She was laughing saying that her and her friend just decided it wasn’t worth trying as all he did was bomb up and down. It works for him though, not me, i feel outta control going straight down.

Anyway time to go… its time to hit the apres ski! wooo


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