Catching up in Toronto

After a 3 hour drive, we arrived in Toronto and checked ourselves into our hostel. Luckily it wasn’t too much of a shock to the system because the hostel itself was really nice. No double beds though, but beggars can’t be choosers.

We dumped our bags and then headed to a restaurant with Uncel Steve and Auntie Heather. Unfortunately the place was closed until 4pm and so we went back to the car and took Meg for a little walk to kill the hours wait we had. By the time it was 4pm we were all pretty hungry and so we sat down at Kit Kat and enjoyed a really nice three course meal, topping it off with the best cheesecake i have ever had! By this point it was nearing 6 and it was time to say our goodbyes and start acting like skint backpackers once again. As always it was really sad to say goodbye to Uncle Steve and Auntie H. As much as we were looking forward to going to different places, we always say that when we are there we never want to leave, although if we stayed, i’m sure they’d get sick of us eventually and boot us out. hahaha.

After heading our separate ways, Stu and I dashed to the shopping centre so that he could get some smart shoes and then we got back to the hostel showered and got ready for a night on the town. For those avid readers out there, you may remember Lillian. For those of you who are part time readers (and shame on you if you are) we met Lillian way way back in the Town of 1770 and she travelled with Kate and I from Noosa to Sydney over the space of a few weeks.

Lillian lives in Toronto and had said that if i was in the area i should give her a call and we’d go out. We arrange to meet at the hostel about 8:30 and then we’d go out and grab some dinner. a little later we arrived backat the hostel to commence the pre drinking and had a few games of shit head in the process. After consuming a small bottle of Vodka between us we grabbed a cab to the biggest club i have ever seen down on the waterfront. This place had about 7 rooms and they were all really big rooms playing different kinds of music. Lillian somehow got us all in for free which saved us about $15 each… which meant more beer money! We then spent the whole night dancing like lunatics and drinking suprisingly little. We even came home with change!

Eventually we were all danced out and decided to walk back to the hostel, which turned out to be quite a walk at half 3 in the morning when its about -2c outside. Finally arriving back at the hostel we went inside to warm up and to wait for Lillians friend to come pick her up before heading to our bunks for the night.


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