Farewell Dinner, Rochester NY

Our last day in Rochester was pretty fun. We went round to Cathy’s in the afternoon and took Meg with us. Meg seemed to enjoy playing with Oz and Dixie whilst us humans enjoyed some cookies and scones.

We then went back to the house and sat out on the driveway playing a few games of shit head (naughty head as we now call it ) and enjoying a few beers. Once Uncle Steve came back from work we all sat there enjoying the sunshine and beer whilst trying our best to make Stu the ultimate naughty head!

That evening we went to the King and I for dinner. As you would expect it was a Thai place and the food was great. For the first time since leaving Thailand i actually had Thai food that tasted like Thai food. We had 5 dishes between us and all of them were great. After stuffing ourselves on the Phad Thai and various other dishes we enjoyed a few Singha Beers to wash it all down. I was in la la land as the good times in Thailand came flooding back.

After a good couple of hours we had not only devoured a lot of food and a few beers we seemed to have just about worked the idea of a holiday in Colorado into Uncle Steves head. (good work Auntie H). We didn’t get a no so that surely means a maybe?!?!?

We then left the King and I and headed over to the Distillery and had a nice pint of Saranac (which is a really nice pale ale my uncle got me into) and watched the end of the Buffalo Sabres vs. Toronto Maple Leaves Ice Hockey that was on the tv’s. Buffalo won and so everyone in the bar seemed pretty happy about that. None of us could manage another drink as we were all still stuffed and so we headed home and went to bed.

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