The Last Few Days

Sorry for not updating my blog for a few days, but i’ve been a busy boy… its hard work laying in bed until 11am before rolling out of bed to have some breakfast, give the dog a bit of fussing and then to relax some more!

So… what have i been up to….erm…

Ok, Tuesday we stayed in waiting for some guy to come and fix the boiler, he never actually arrived but Meg’s brother Ben came round to play and all afternoon we had some kind of wrestling match going on before us as they bit and beat each other until one submitted. I’d say meg was probably champion due to the fact that when Ben gave up, she kept on trying to start again. she’s nuts.

On tuesday night Stu and I went out with auntie Heather to her friend Gail’s birthday bash. This was at a place called Phillips European and is well known for its vast selection of cakes (about 30). As usual whenever we see Gail, sexual innuendo’s were a plenty and there was a lot of laughing. It was a fun evening and i had the biggest slice of cake i have ever seen. (made the cakes in St Kilda look pathetic Kate)

Wednesday, the boiler man eventually arrived and so whilst he was sorting that we sat and played some board games and later had tea before watching the movie Babel. Possibly the slowest most random film i’ve seen in ages.. if not ever.

Thursday, we got up and went to take the dog for a walk down the canal in Pittsford before going to get an ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. After getting back home we let our huge ice creams go down before heading to the movies to see Zodiac, which was actually really good. Dinner that evening was Mexican, with “proper” Margaritas. mmmmm

To be continued…….


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