Bristol Mountain

After waking up and having breakfast, we all headed off to Bristol Mt, about an hour or so away. This is where I learnt to ski so i had a bit of an idea of what runs i could do and what i enjoyed so i was looking forward to it.

Once we arrived at the mountain and got our lift passes, Stu and I got our rentals and we all met at the quad lift. First couple of runs of the day were a little wobbly. The ski’s were a lot more flexible than the ones at Holiday Valley which meant it took a bit of getting used to when trying to make a turn.

I adjusted pretty quickly but Stu was having a bit of trouble, didn’t take him long to sort it though and by lunch time we were all doing the intermediate blue runs quite happily. For lunch we had possibly the biggest sub i have ever seen, it was actually called a torpedo. I guess thats because it vould sink a sub?!? It certainly filled a gap. Re-fuelled we all headed back outside and did a few more runs before me Stu and Uncle Steve braved a double black diamond run. The hardest there. Once we realised that it wasn’t that bad, Stu and I spent the next hour or so doing a few different black runs. By now though the snow was getting heavier and the wind was picking up so we packed up, returned the rentals and headed home.


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