Ice Hockey, Rochester NY

Rochester Americans (Amerks) Vs. Houston Areos.

We arrived at the Blue Cross Arena in hope of watching the Amerks kick ass against the Areos. After finding our seats and grabbing a beer we settled in for the first third of the game. Minutes later the claxon sounded, Amerks 1. Aeros 0. Great start we all thought, knowing that the Amerks were having a tough season and hadn’t won in ages.

The first third was pretty quiet although right before the break the Aeros equalised. None of us saw the goal, but the board told us that they had haha.

The second period started and again it was getting rather boring until the Amerks nearly scored and then a big fight kicked off… now we’re talking! Thats what i came to the hockey for. We then scored a second goal just before the second break and during the breal were entertained by a kids ice hockey team who were really funny. These tiny little kids chasing the puck and sliding all over the place trying to score. I don’t know who won, i think it was just a free for all.

The third and final period started much the same as the others, although this time a little more violent. the score was 2:1 to the Amerks right up until there was 2 mins to go. Houston made a dumb decision of substituting their goal keeper for an attacker in hope of equalizing. This may have worked if they were good, but they really weren’t and so the amerks striker caught them on the break and skated toward the net. The Aeros defense fouled and so the ref automatically awarded the Amerks with a 3rd goal. The clock counted down 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1…. The cheering began, the Rochester Americans won 3:1.

Uncle Steve and I later decided that the Aeros were so bad because we doubt ice skating is a big thing in Houston, its a bit too hot!!!!


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