Paddy’s Day

The original plan was to go into town to watch the St Patricks day parade but after finally waking up and noticing all the snow that had fallen overnight, we decided not to bother going, as we had all been before. Instead me, stu and Auntie Heather all went down to Northampton to do some sledding.

After donning all the thermals and wrapping up nice and warm we grabbed the sled’s and headed to the top of the hill. We all attempted to go futher than eachother but i think in the end Auntie Heather held the record for the longest run, i guess she’s had more practice or something hehe. Giving up on the sledding because some dumb ass american kids kept walking up the hill infront of us, we headed back to the house.

We then started mucking about in the snow at the back of the house and Meg had a great time trying to jump all over us and attack any form of snowball that was made. The girls from next door came out and started a snowball fight with us and in the end stu and i gave up and let them win. Its fun being a kid again in the snow!

Later that evening Cathy and Joe came round, Cathy is Claire’s mum (Claire who we met up with in Wellington if you remember that far back). We spent the evening drinking guiness and jamesons and enjoyed some good old rib sticking food cooked up by the chef! After eating until i thought i might pop we all sat down and watched my skydive video which brought back some good memories. A few more jamesons later and we were all ready for bed, i needed my 12 hours sleep again!

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