Road Trip

After a long and boring train ride we rolled into the station in Buffalo, only to be told that we would have to get a coach the remainder of the way to Rochester. Finally arriving in Rochester about an hour later than planned we were met by Auntie Heather who took us straight out for a fry up to recharge the batteries. We then dumped our bags at the house and met the new woofer, Meg. A rather excitable golden retriever who certainly seemed more than happy to have some more attention. The rest of the day we just spent lounging about in a ‘proper’ house and not a hostel…. heaven!

After nearly 12 hours of sleep, i woke up but really didn’t want to get out of my bed, i had a proper feather duvet and everything, i could have easily stayed in there a good twelve hours longer. Uncle Steve arrived home early from work and we packed up and set off on our road trip to Ellicotville.

I’ve been to Ellicotville a few times before but only for the day, this time we were going up for the night and staying in a bunkhouse in the village and then going skiing the next day. Upon first impressions this bunkhouse looked a little more like a shed but in actual fact it was really nice. Certainly 5* accomodation compared to some of my recent hostels. Once we had dropped off our gear we headed to the local beverage dispenser and consumed a few locally brewed 10% beers. I have to say they went down a treat. We went back to the bunkhouse and played a couple of board games before going out to the local restaurant, Dina’s. We’ve been here a couple of times and the food is great, Auntie Heather and i read the menu but for absolutely no reason, we’d decided what we were having earlier on in the day.. Fillet mignon.

Retiring to the bunkhouse, we all pretty much went straight to bed and got a good nights sleep before hitting the slopes this morning. Usually when we come to Ellicotville we go to Holimont, this time we’d decided to try out Holiday Valley which is just a mile or so further away. As soon as we got there it started snowing and it didn’t stop the whole time we were there. This was good news because it laid fresh powder but bad news because it was bloody freezing, I think i’ve gone soft after all this time living in warm climates. Once i was wrapped up warm i was ok though and off we went. A few wobbly practice runs later and we all started becoming a bit more steady on our feet.

I think we pretty much managed to do all the green and blue runs on the mountain before calling it a day and heading back home. Now back in Spencerport we’ve spent the evening thawing out and enjoying a fish and chip supper!


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