Chicago – The Windy City

After spending three full days in Chicago we were all ready to leave, Chicago was a really nice city but unfortunately we couldn’t really get our heads around the public tansport system and so ended up walking around most of the time getting bored.

Whilst there, we payed a visit to Navy Pier which is a pier (obviously) that sticks out into Lake Michigan. On the pier is a variety of things, a ferris wheel, maze, Haagen Dazs shop etc, none of which were open…. well ok, the haagen dazs shop was. We spent a bit of time strolling around before heading back towards the main street in search of something else to do. En route we discovered a cinema and so went in to see what was on. After deciding that we all fancied watching Wild Hogs we settled down for the afternoon with our popcorn and drinks. Wild Hogs was hilarious and as we were about to leave we noticed that Ghost Rider was just starting in a different screen… we snuck in!! One double bill later we were still not bored and so snuck in another. The Road to tibiatha (or something like that) I didn’t stay long enough to find out what it was about, for the first time in my life i left in disgust. It was terrible. Having stuffed ourselves on popcorn we skipped tea and headed back to the hostel for the night and to play a game of shit head!

The following day Stu and I got up and checked out and then the three of us headed out to find Union Station, where we’d be catching the train later that day. Once we eventually found it, we collected our tickets so as to save some time once we got to the station later and then we went in search of Millenium Park. Everyone had told us how great this place was and so we were expecting big things, turned out to be not that great at all and the only cool thing there, if not a little strange, was a giant silver coated jelly bean looking thing. Never did work out what it was supposed to be or what it represented but i took a picture of it regardless, like you do.

It wasn’t long before we had to think about heading back to the hostel to collect our bags and go back to Union Station. After saying my goodbyes to my travel buddy. Stu and I hiked to the station with our heavy bags and boarded our train to Rochester. Once aboard, we got comfy and settled in for the night…. 11hrs and counting!!!


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