Limo Tour of Vegas

After a long day at the Canyon the previous day, i took it easy, just lounging about the hostel in the tv room which was to be my bedroom for the evening.

Later in the afternoon, Kelvin the guy who sorts everyone out at the hostel told me he really wanted us guys to go on the limo tour of the strip and that if we did he’d let us go for free. I was up for it but in the end the others all decided that they would rather stay in because we were all tired and Kate and I had to catch the shuttle to the airport at 5am.

That didn’t deter me though and so after the pre drinking we all boarded the limo at 11pm. There was about 23 of us who went in the end and it all went crazy once we got in the limo and the free champagne and beer was handed out. After we demolished 25 bottles of champers and a case of Milwakees Best we were almost at the top of the strip. We turned around and headed back down the strip windows open, music blaring, it was really good fun. We pulled up outside New York New York and were ushered inside by some bouncers and then were walked past the huge line of people waiting to get in Cayote Ugly and were sent in the VIP entrance. It was a nice feeling :-p

Once inside we had a few beers and watched the barstaff dancing on the bar tops and pouring drinks in peoples mouths. After taking hundreds of pictures of girls and me with girls (as you do) Nick and i left and headed to Ceasers Palace to meet Will who had been told he couldn’t come in for some reason. We were there for a while and had a few more beers at the Pussy Cat Dolls Bar andenjoyed the view before “having fun, and riding the Deuce, its $2 one way $5 all day” all the way back to the hostel. (None of you will know what i mean by that… but it makes me laugh because i heard it so much in the week i was there i could have done the automated voice bit myself).

After arriving back at the Hostel around 4am i had about 45 mins to get some kip before the bus came. Apparently i wasn’t up for getting off my sofa and Kate was all for leaving me haha. I slept on the bus all the way to the airport, checked my bags and then lay down on the floor at the gate and had another hour there. Classy guy eh!?

Best part of it all was that the flight to Chicago was delayed, then it was too full so they were asking for people to take the next one and in return they’d recieve a free internal return flight, valid for a year. Being a typical traveller (tight as a ducks ass and willing to have anything thats free) i said i would stay got my free flights and then lay back down on the floor and got another hour. Leaving an hour later than planned meant that i landed in Chicago about 50 mins before Stu, so Kate and i waited for him to arrive and then we all caught the train into the city and to our hostel.

Unluckily for Stu, his hostelling virginity was taken by a very old ugly smelly thing which you could barely class as a hostel. Needless to say we checked out at 9:30 this morning and headed to a different one which is like a flaming hotel compared to last night. Later on we will be heading into the city to explore and then who knows what. The two good things about Stu being here are 1. he can lend me money and 2. it gives my liver a rest as he can’t come drinking with me. Cheers Stu :-p


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