Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam

After waking up and heading out for the car at stupid o’clock, we finally hit the road in our mini van. We’d been asked by two Swede’s if they could come along and so it worked out cheaper for all of us, if we just hired a mini van and then drove there ourselves. A bus there lasts all day and costs 130 bucks. We did it for 55 each, cheap as chips!

Once we cleared some roadworks on the way out of Vegas we were cruising for a little while before we reached the Hoover Dam. It was really quite a sight, it is huge! We took a few photos and things and then hit the road again as we had another 250 miles to go.

Finally finding a decent radio station we were all happy with we drove for hours before eventually seeing a sign Grand Canyon South Rim 2 miles. It seemed to be a very long 2 miles and extremely long for poor Nic who was dying for the loo and had been for miles.

When we pulled into the car park, we all jumped out and ran over to the edge to take a look. It was completely worth the drive, it is probably one of the most amazing things i have ever seen in my entire life. Its sheer size is just completely unbelievable. Your stood there looking down and you have no concept of how far it is to the river everything just looks so small.

We went for a short walk but the view really didn’t change that much because it was so big. having spent a good long while there taking thousands of photos we all got back in the car and set off home. We all really wanted to stay for longer but with a 4 hour drive ahead of us, we figured it was best to set off.

Once we got back to the hostel we were all pretty tired apart from the girls who were up for going out. It took all of about 2 minutes to persuade us to go out though and after the pre-drinks we were back in O’sheas. I took out my last $13 not wanting to dip into my emergency funds and sat watching everyone gambling. Hours later i don’t know what happened but i for some reason looked over at the roulette wheel and saw that it had landed red for the last 5 spins. I ran over to the table slammed my last $10 on the black and hoped for the best….. Black.. i doubled my money. not being a fool i walked away chuffed that i had doubled my cash. As the night progressed i kept noticing the runs of colours and started getting a bit daring and betting my last 10 plus my winnings. In the end i left $130 up. At that point i knew i had to just walk away, chuffed to bits that i had gambled my last $10 and won so much i left and headed back to the hostel one very happy chappy.


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