Thrill Rides on top of massive towers!

After making sure that the previous evening we didn’t drink, us boys headed out to spend the day on the coasters around Vegas.

First stop was the ride SPEED at the NASCAR Cafe, this ride shot you out of a station, down into the ground, round a loop and then accelerated up a vertical incline until gravity took over dragging you back down and around the loop. Really good ride and this is before lunch!

After hitting the buffet at Sahara we headed over to Circus Circus to do the Canyon Blaster inside the casino. This ride was an indoor coaster which had a few corkscrews and loops in… perfect for churning up your lunch.

We then purchased the all day pass to ride the Manhattan Express at New York New York and after riding it 4 times we decided we would head for a magners down at the Irish bar. A few later we were back on it, only this time it was dark and the view of the strip was pretty good as we were flying around the outside of the hotel.

After deciding we needed some dutch courage, Ben bought us both a massive cocktail to drink before going on the rides on the top of the Stratosphere tower…. good job we had that dutch courage.

First ride was the Big Shot, for those of you who have been to the Pleasure Beach its just like the Playstation only on top of a massive tower. The view was awsome and the ride was great.

Next up, Insanity… sounds good hey! On this you sat on a chair and then they moved you out over the edge of the tower and the ride started to spin you around and as it spun it began to tilt. In the end you are looking face down at the road beneath you. It was insane but really really fun, everyone on the ride was trying to scare everyone by saying that bolt looks loose etc. Once the ride started they all went quiet until the slightly merry English boys started singing “oh its all gone quiet over there!” hahaha.

The last ride of the day was the scariest. you sat in a cart attatched to a seesaw as it rocked you over the edge and then you slid forward as if you were going to fall off the tower. Pretty intense, we asked how it stayed on the rail before hand and we were told magnets. MAGNETS!!!!!

After going on them all a few more times we headed back to the hostel for a reasonably early night as we were going to the Grand Canyon the next day.


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