Unexpected All Nighters!

The partying continues…… I seem to have become part of the inner core at this hostel. Whenever anyone is going out they always ask us if we are coming! Casino’s are expensive to drink in if you are not gambling and seeing as i have no money it makes sense to do a bit of pre-drinking. This involves one 12 pack of Milwakees Best Ice (5.9% and only $6). After Kate and i have finished that we are good to go.

Everyone at the hostel was going to O’Shea’s the Irish casino on the strip and so we all headed out. Because i wasn’t gambling it wasn’t long before i got bored and decided i was going to go home. On the way out i bumped into Ben who was heading over to Ceasar’s Palace for a drink, so i ended up going there for one. This time on the way out i bumped into 3 really cool American girls and got chatting and ended up going over the road to Flamingos with them for a drink. Then as time went on i kept getting drinks bought for me and so the more drinks i had the less likely i was to go home. One by one all the girls headed to bed and so there was just me and Jessie left in at the bar together. Fair play to the girl, she matched me drink for drink until we both decided to call it a day at 12pm. I arrived back at the hostel just after 1 and then got some much needed sleep.

That evening was pretty low key. The girls had gone out on a bender and so ben and i just chilled out and went for a look about all the different casinos.


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