Viva Las Vegas

Well….. after Tijuana, Vegas was certainly a culture shock. People here are just stupid rich throwing money after money in hope of getting even more rich. I on the other hand am here on a budget, a budget that has already had to be expanded. My reasons for this are not because of gambling but because i want to be able to go out and to go out in Vegas to any of the cool places like the Bellagio club etc you need a shirt and shoes. One rather nice pair of shoes and a shirt later and i’m now good to go!

My first day in Vegas I spent mostly sleeping catching up on the sleep i lost whilst in Mexico and then in the evening i headed down the strip on the Deuce Bus and once at Mandalay Bay i got off and started walking back towards the hostel checking out all the casino’s. Some of them are seriously impressive, Luxor (the pyramid one) has the worlds strongest beam of light coming from the very top of it and looks seriously cool at night, further down the strip there’s Excalibur (looks like a fairytale castle) New York New York (like a mini NYC), the MGM Grand and then you have all the really nice ones like the Bellagio, Ceasers Palace, the Venetian, Wynn etc etc etc. I literally spent my whole evening looking at them all and getting my bearings. After finally making it to the bus stop at the far end of the strip I headed back to the hostel for a quiet night.

Yesterday morning we got up and headed to the Fashion Show Mall to buy the shoes and shirt and i spent ages making my decision as to whether i bought a cheap pair of shoes i didn’t like much or whether i spent slightly more and got a decent pair. I opted for the more expensive ones. At the hostel last night there was a free BBQ and so that seemed like a good place to meet new people and so we had our free burgers and bumped into two Irish guys we (apparently) met in TJ, i have no reccolection of this, i don’t think i was introduced! Anyway a few English folks + a few Irish folks = Beer. Heading to the 7eleven we got 3 cases of the cheapest beer possible and went back to the hostel to do some pre drinking before heading to one of the bars on the strip. Once the 36 cans had been demolished we took a ‘traveller’ and jumped on the bus to the strip.

Expanding on the simple equation: English + Irish = Beer.

English + Irish + Beer = Irish Bar.

No matter where you go there is always an Irish bar and true to form they are always a really good laugh. We got off at New York New York and went into the Irish bar where they had live music, Irish dancers and a crazy old Japanese lady who loved to dance, especially with the young western boys. After my stint with the Japanese lady i got saved by three american sisters who were all in Vegas for the weekend and so i spent the next few hours chatting to them and hiding from the crazy old Japanese lady. God knows how many hours went by, but we decided it was time to leave and so headed out to the bus stop and got back to the hostel.

I don’t know what time it was when we got in but i know i was still awake at 5:30am and i woke up at just after 7:30am. Who needs sleep though, I’m in Vegas!…… with no money hahaha


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