Tijuana, Mexico

Kate and I got up early and headed into the city as she wanted to do a bit of shopping and i wanted to use the internet to sort out my train to Rochester for me and Stu before we went to Tijuana. Soon after realising that i couldn’t book my tickets online as i don’t have an amerian address as the billing address on my CC statement i decided to get the number and sort it out at a later date. arrgghh.

We met the other guys and grabbed some lunch before catching the trolley to the border. Once we got to the border we just strolled over a little foot bridge as though you were just crossing the street and we were in Mexico. Instantly we were getting hassled to go in bars, shops and “titty bars” whilst also having kids beg in front of you. We seemed to be especially good targets and they were constantly shouting over to you. 2 for 1 margaritas blah blah blah.

Once we finally made safe passage to the high street we set about walking up the street and having a look about. It wasn’t long before we were dragged into a bar given a bucket of beers and a load of tequilla shots. The day went downhill pretty quickly from the point onwards. It was fun though nonetheless!

Suddenly i hear this whistle blowing in my ear and some greasy mexican is trying to pull my head back and pour tequilla down my throat. After much protesting i gave in and said that i would only do it from a glass. First mistake of the day, the guy ripped me off. You live and learn right? it didn’t take all that long for us all to get into the party mood and so we left that bar and went to a different one. This time we sampled a margarita and i have to say they weren’t great. I’ll stick with my uncles, they are stronger and taste better!!!!! Next bar we ended up in we annoyed the owners by befriending a bunch of young american guys who told us all the tricks of TJ and how we should ask for 10 beers for $10 and if they said no, simply walk away. Turned out to be a handy piece of info. We left that bar and went to Senor Frogs with the american kids, completely abusing the 10 for 10 deals we spent pretty much the rest of our night in there getting more and more drunk by the minute and dancing like a bunch of lunatics. when i looked at my watch it was 8pm…. 8pm, what a crazy night this was turning into. After a lot of beer and some poor dancing, two mexican girls seemed to take a shine to me and Ben and tried to dance and talk to us. They only spoke Spanish and all i could say to them was “can i have a beer” which i think i just said in reply to everything she said. :-p Hours later it was nearing 12 and we had been told that the last tram was at 12 so we all left the club and started walking back. Ben and i decided that we wanted to stay and would pay for a taxi later on to get us back to the border and then we would work out a way of getting back to the city at a later date. The girls headed back to the station and so it was just the boys out. Two white guys in mexico looking like they have a bit of money are going to get hassled…. a lot. It wasn’t long before we did the typical guy thing and took refuge in a ‘titty bar’ haha. Although i have ventured into these kind of establishments before whilst in Prague on a stag do, i have never quite seen anything like it. The minute our bu,s hit the chairs we were surrounded and it was actually quite an uncomfortable feeling, each one of the girls trying to compete with the other to get you to pay for a dance with them. They were all trying to sit on your knee and it was just really annoying. We had our drinks and then left.

We were both skint and had planned on getting a cab to the border to avoid any unwanted encounters with mexicans or the mexican police, but that was no longer possible, we had to run the gauntlet. We set of in the direction of the border and had no trouble at all until we turned a corner onto a dark stai area over to the US side. It was there where we met 3 mexican police officers. We’d heard that the mexican police are corrupt as hell and will rob you just because they can and so when they said stop, i in my drunken stupor, decided i wouldn’t and would keep walking protesting that i had no money on me. It didn’t work and soon Ben and i were stood there facing a wall hands up legs spread with these cops emptying our pockets. At this point i couldn’t care less about my wallet, i just wanted to keep my camera. After emptying my pockets and going through my wallet the cop said, ‘you have no money?’ i replied telling him that there was no way i’d be walking around mexico at night if i did have money. Luckily they let us go and because neither of us had anything to take we left with everything we had started out with. Not being put off by that we carried on walking before coming to this very dodgy looking takeaway place with this really cool Mexican guy seeling some kind of dirty kebab and we managed to blag a one each which went down a treat. After a bit of a chat Ben and I left telling everyone in the street that this guy made the best takeaway in all of mexico, hahaha we must have looked like right idiots.

Finally we made it to the border and they just let us stroll through not even checking our passports. As we exited the border control we both breathed a sigh of relief at being back on US soil. Luckily there was actually a trolley going back to the city at that time and because our return ticket was still valid we managed to get all the way back to the city before having to get some cash out. After sleeping for the duration of the 45min trolley ride i woke up just before our stop in the city, hopped off and went in search of an ATM. We finally found one and headed straight for the closest 7 eleven for a drink. After about 3 bottles of gatorade we shouted a cab back to our accomodations.

For some unkown reason i woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine and all i can put it down to is the gatorade and my dirty kebab haha. We flew to Vegas this morning and i’m not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but Nicola and Ben are arriving in a few days too. Its good to have a wingman again, but hopefully we won’t end up in such a mess as we did that day in Mexico. Good times were had by all though i must say, and it was certainly an experience! :-p


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