Santa Monica AND Venice

The morning after the night before started slowly after a couple of tylenol and a lot of water….

As the morning progressed a few of us started to congregate in the living area feeling sorry for ourselves. The previous night we had met Nichola and Ben who were a couple of mates travelling the world for a year. We ended up getting on really well and so that afternoon once we had all sorted ourselves out we jumped in Dale the dodge and headed out to Venice beach (that was about the only thing we hadn’t done). On the way there we played the tour guides by showing them a few celeb houses we’d seen and driving past Santa Monica Pier until we arrived at Venice Beach. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great and so it was a little chilly. We all walked up the front looking at all the random shops and laughing at all the tramps with signs like “i won’t lie i need a beer” and “Will work for money or marujana”. After walking up and down and fantasizing about how nice it would be in the summer with all the young ladies about we got back in the car and headed back to L.A. On the way back we drove the other guys up to the Hollywood sign so they could take some pics before heading back to the Farmers Market for some food.

This day ended a little better than the previous one and so the plan was San Diego tomorrow.


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