Drinking ruins travel plans!

We spent what we thought was our final day in L.A. wandering about the shops, walking up to Sunset Strip and going out to Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive. The plan of action was to walk two blocks to the bus stop and catch the bus, the bus never came. Instead we walked up the hill to Sunset and then walked down the strip past the Viper Room which Johnny Depp owns and various other posh shops and expensive clubs. Once we got into the swing of things walking wise we realised that we had done the strip and that we were heading further away from the hostel. Not to bother we just carried on walking knowing that eventually we would find a bus which could take us to Rodeo and then back to Melrose. Again, no bus appeared and so we continued to walk and walk and walk and walk until finally we hit Rodeo. What a waste of time, it really wasn’t that special and as we already knew we couldn’t afford things from the shops, it wasn’t long before we were walking back down Wilshire looking at all the snazzy cars in the garages.

After finally returning to the hostel after walking for 5 hours we both crashed out on our beds and i fell asleep. Kate woke me about half 8 asking if i wanted to watch the free comedy show on at the hostel and i decided in my half asleep state that i could go for half an hour or so and then hit the sack.

I don’t know what it was but as soon as i opened my first beer i seemed to settle into a steady pace, soon drinking a case of beer with only a little help from Kate. When the comedians had finished, i decided i wanted to go out and so rounded up some troops and we headed out. Wasn’t long before it was 2am and we were all rather worse for ware. We got back to the hostel and started attempting to play pool before realising we were all far to tired to be bothered, it was now nearing 4am and i was supposed to be driving to San Diego in a few hours. I decided that probably wasn’t the best thing and so at 4am checked us in for another night…. This is why you should never drink the day before your supposed to move on it always go’s tits up!


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