This morning after getting up and checking out of our hostel on Hollywood Blvd we went for a walk down the walk of fame, reading all the stars, well most of them!

On the way down the street i did however notice that my Uncle is seemingly a celebrity. You never told me that Uncle Steve, you always told me you worked in the science field… got anything to confess?

After checking out the mess that had been left after the oscars the night before and the obligitary photos had been taken of the stars etc etc we then jumped in the car and went in search of the Hollywood sign. You ask anyone in Hollywoodland if you can get a decent picture of the sign and they say no. They lie…. you can get close enough to get a good picture, they just don’t like you driving down their narrow steep streets past their posh houses. Did I care?… NO! we drove up these really narrow streets seemingly going nowhere until we got to a dead end and there it was, the best pic of the Hollywood sign we’d get. Took a few photos and then we checked into our new hostel on Melrose, a much nicer area of L.A. As it was still early, we picked up a map of where the celebs live and went for a drive through Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and out to Malibu looking at all the different celebrity homes, i say homes… i mean celebrity security gates. We went past, Paris Hiltons, Leonardo Di Caprio’s, Halle Berry’s, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’, Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Mansion, Dustin Hoffmans, Nicholas Cage’s, Adam Sandlers and John Cusak’s, loads more too but i can’t remember them all. We suddenly realised that L.A. is actually pretty nice if you live in Bel Air or Beverly Hills. I went in search of the Fresh Prince’s home but i didn’t find it.

After a really scenic drive out to Malibu and back down the Pacific Coast Freeway we ended up at Santa Monica Pier just as the sun was setting. I took a wrong turn off the freeway and ended up in a car park where you couldn’t get out of without paying $5 so we stopped and went for a look about. How cheeky is that though, not signposting it well and not letting you turn back around and so charging you 5 bucks for the pleasure of turning round in the car park. Nothing is free in L.A. and it annoys the hell out of me! Grr i was peeved to say the least.

Santa Monica Pier was nice although the wind was picking up and with the sun going down it was getting pretty cold so it wasn’t long before we were back on the freeway stuck in traffic trying to get back to the hostel. We decided to come off before our junction and on the way we stopped off at the Farmer Market which was pretty cool. We had a massive dinner at the Cheescake Factory and then caught a movie at the cinema next door. We watched a film called the Number 23, its got Jim Carrey in and it is a pretty intense thriller. Finally returning to the hostel after being out almost 12 hours we lazed about in the common room and watched Pulp Fiction before heading to bed.



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