The Big Sur

The Big Sur was the main part of todays agenda, its kind of like the Great Ocean Road but in California and not Victoria. We headed out of Monterey at around 10am to do the 338mile journey to L.A. via the costal road. We figured that if we were going to drive that far we may as well have something to look at other than driving in a trance down the freeway.

As we drove down the twisty roads following the coast there was no end of view points for you to stop and take photos. I’m sure that all of these view points have great views, but we didn’t have the time (nor the room on our memory cards) to take pictures at every single one. We did however stop at a few and at one of them we were treated to a great close up view of elephant seals and sea lions.

Carrying on down the road we finally made it to the sign sayin L.A. city limits, it then took another hour and a half to travel the 30miles or so to Hollywood where we are staying at the moment.

We’re staying just on Hollywood Blvd and its not too bad although further down the street between us and the Kodak theatre its like the ghetto. Its Oscar night tomorrow and earlier when i went for a walk down the street stepping on all the stars i could see all the golden oscars stood out side and all the fences were around the red carpet. Dissappointingly i didn’t see anyone famous though, just a reporter from abc…


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