Blazing Saddles

Today we woke up and it was much sunnier and so that instantly made me happier. The plan of attack for today was to check out, pick up the hire car and then head over to fishermans warf again, hire a bike and then cycle to the Golden Gate Bridge, over it and then cycle down to Sausalito which is a little town on the other side of the bridge.

After leaving the hotel and sorting out the balls up with the car, i set out trying to find may way around San Fran in a car. Not an easy task. Thankfully i had my co driver in the passenger seat who directed us to the warf after combatting a succession of damn one way systems. We finally made it, walked over to the bike stand hired our bikes and we were off. At first it was relatively easy going, down the docks and around the marina until we hit the first hill… arrgh. I managed to cycle up it no problems though, much to my suprise! It was then a nice downhill stretch and then a flat bit all the way to the bridge. When we made it to the bridge i realised that i was looking up at it.., not only was i looking up at it, but i was looking a long way up at it…. that meant another hill. Only this time it was steeper and longer. Nevertheless though i fiddled with my gears and eventually made it to the top. Once i got to the top and was level with the bridge i got a great view of it in all its glory. it really is quite an imposing structure, painting it red just makes it stand out even more. We both cycled accross the bridge at leisure trying to avoid japanese and korean tourists that were in our way whilst taking in the stunning view. After stopping numerous times to take millions of pictures we finally made it accross and it was all down hill to Sausalito. When we got to Sausalito we saw that it was a really nice little town, we cycled through but didn’t stop as we wanted to catch the ferry back to the city (plus all the shops were the same as everywhere else).

Finally arriving back in the city after our 8 mile bike ride i sat and sampled the (not so famous as clam chowder) chili in a sourdough roll, just what the doctor ordered after the ride and it filled me up a treat. We then got back in the car and once again Kate was in charge of navigating me through the maze of one way systems to Lombard Street, which is home to the most crooked street in the world. I can tell you that it is a good job that the car had power steering and good brakes, it is pretty steep. Taking the obligatory photos we then set of in search of highway 1 which would take us south, out of the city and towards Santa Cruz.

As we drove down the coast there was a really cool purple sunset before it finally went dark and i started to feel tired. In the end we pulled over and stopped for the night in Monterey before getting up early and heading south again down the Big Sur to L.A.


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