Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

Well after going out drinking and never making it to the North shore i flew to San Francisco the other day. When i landed i was wearing shorts and flip flops, it wasn’t long until i was dashing about Old Navy looking for the cheapest hoodies and trousers i could find. Once i got some warm clothes i was all set for the cold.

The following morning we got up and headed down to Fishermans Warf on the little tram and spent the morning ambling about there before booking ourselves on a trip of Alcatraz. As the boat left the pier it was blowing a gale and like the typical tourist i was out the front of the boat snapping away as we crossed the bay towards the island. When we made it to the island and got off, we were met by a ranger who told us where everything was and where we could meet for a talk about escape attempts. We decided that the escape attempts talk would be pretty cool and so headed to the dining room in the cell block to listen to the talk. It was really interesting and he talked about all the poeple who tried and failed to escape and how they faired (most of them died). He then went on to explain about the Clint Eastwood film, Escape From Alcatraz and told us that they are the only poeple they never found.

All that talk of escaping really got me in the mood for it all and i was playing through scenes from the Connery and Cage film “The Rock” as i walked about on my audio tour listening to what the prison used to be like. It was a really interesting tour and i have to say judging by the size of the cells, life in there must have been pretty grim. They said that on a good day in San Fran you could hear the people partying and having fun in the city from the cells. That would really get you down.

As in all good tours, it always lands you back in a gift shop, only this time i actually bought something, a book by a former inmate, my reason for buying this book, i met him. Darwin Coon, he was put there for bank robbery!

As soon as we got back on the boat to head back to the city the heavens opened and it threw it down. We got back to the pier and they threw us all off the boat and so there we were stood in the rain without a waterproof coat until all of a sudden like a heavenly angel we spotted Hooters! Good old hooters, after taking refuge in there and having a bite to eat and a beer (and a good ogle) we left and the rain had stopped.

We found our way to where the old cable cars run and then hopped on one of those back to our accomodation. Good job too as someof those hills that tram went up i wouldn’t of fancied walking up.

After finally returning back to the room after dark, I spent the rest of the night warming up.


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