Sunset Beach Party, Clothing Optional!

For my last day in Maui i signed up to go to the sunset beach party. This was at Makena Beach and so at 1:00pm we set off to the beach, volley ball net at the ready and made a quick stop at the grocery store to get the much needed provisions!

After getting to the beach we spent a few hours relaxing, body surfing and playing volleyball which was really good fun. It was really cool to just lay on the beach all day partying. As it got later we moved over to little beach, the ‘clothing optional’ beach. Once we found a spot for our stuff in the crowd full of pot smoking nakedness we started to watch the crazy hippies playing the bongos, fire danicing and just generally dancing like naked stoned lunatics. It was certainly different! The sun started to set to the sound of the jungle drums and it all went a bit crazy.. people were on their knees worshipping the sun (and probably their drug dealers!). The sky turned an amazing shade of red and it was really quite a fun night. After heading back to the hostel i ran, yes ran.. to the garage to buy some beers, walked back so as not to shake them up and then hopped straight in the hot tub. Making sure that i beat the rush! I then spent the rest of my last night in Maui in the hot tub with a few beers and some cool people.

I flew back to Oahu this morning and am back in the same hostel i was in in Waikiki before i left. It almost felt like i was coming home, everyone was like “hey dave how was maui?”, which was kind of nice.

Hoping to head up to the North Shore tomorrow to look at the famous surf beaches although its a 2 hour bus ride… so … depending on what happens tonight depends on what happens tomorrow i guess.


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