Haleakala Volcano

his morning we all met up outside the hostel to get taken to Haleakala where we were going to do the 12 mile hike in and around the crater of the largest dormant volcano in the world. After a two hour drive, we finally reached the top only to be told by Alexi that we couldn’t do the hike because the conditions were too bad. They were pretty bad, there was really low cloud which kept disappearing for a few minutes before suddenly reappearing. When the clouds were down you couldn’t see a thing and so understandably Alexi wasn’t keen on taking us for a hike when he couldn’t see where he was going nor where we were. I think we were all kind of disappointed but the cloud did lift just long enough to get a couple of pictures of the crater and you could just about make out the big island from the top.

At 10,000 feet above sea level it was pretty cold stood at the summit and people were dressed as though they were going on an arctic expedition which looked very strange considering that we are in Maui and its best part of 30 degrees down at the bottom. After a look around at the top we got back in the van and warmed up a bit before heading back to the warmer climes!

On the way down Alexi said he would take us by the north shore of Maui, where windsurfing was invented (basically to keep the tour going for a little longer i guess). When we got there, we stuck gold, there was a competition on. We all sat on the beach and watched in amazement as these guys were flipping and jumping there boards over the huge waves. There were some kite boarders there too which looked like great fun. After staying there a while and having our lunches we all headed back to the hostel for a lazy afternoon chilling out before no doubt hitting the hot tub and beers later on! I am absolutely loving life here..


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