Whale Watching off Maui

Todays trip run by the hostel was whale watching. We headed down to the harbour in the afternoon and then boarded our boat. We’d been told that it was peak whale season and that we should see lots of whales. I was certainly hoping that it would be a bit more eventfull than the dolphin spotting trip in New Zealand.

As we sailed out of the harbour the skipper said that he had seen some spray from whales breathing straight ahead and so we headed out that way. I couldn’t see anything though. When i finally saw it and realised what i was looking for i was seeing them left right and centre. We then saw a baby humpback breaching on the surface (jumping out of the water) we were all pretty impressed by that but the skipper told us that there would be more larger whales further out and so we headed out.

A short while later we saw an adult whale breching about quarter of a mile away and it made a huge splash. We then stumbled upon a couple more whales right near the boat coming up and breathing before going beneath the surface. All of a sudden a huge adult male humpback jumped clean out of the water right in front of the boat and came splashing back down. Everyone was so shocked that it happened that people didn’t get a photo. Kate did, i didn’t though… dumb ass here forgot to charge my battery! Even the skipper and the guide were saying how rare it is to see a whale do that so close to the boat and so we all felt pretty lucky.

Just before our 2 hours was up we dropped the hydra-phone and listened to the whales singing to each other. It was just like i had heard the day before at turtle town. On the way back to the harbour we kept seeing whales everywhere, suddenly the skipper had to change course to avoid a whale and so me kate and Jess who were sat outside got soaked as we hit a wave head on. Good job it was warm outside!

When we returned to meet the hostel mini bus Alexi said that on the last two times he had been out he had seen very little so we all left feeling very pleased that we had seen these giants jumping clean out of the water all around us.

Later that evening we went for some Thai food at the local restaurant and i had a Singha beer and it brought back memories of Thailand… Once dinner was out of the way we headed back to the hostel for the keg party which resulted in us all getting in the hot tub and then deciding to go down to the local bar…… messy!


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