Turtle Town Snorkelling

The day before i had booked on one of the hostel run free trips. This trip, as the name might suggest, was primarily a day of snorkelling in a bay that often has a lot of turtles swimming about in and then the rest of the day was to be spent relaxing on different beaches all over Maui. Tough life hey!??

Arriving at the first beach we all got our snorkel gear on and headed out onto the reef. It wasn’t long before we spotted a turtle sat on the coral. I hadn’t ever seen one before whilst i was snorkelling and so i was dead happy. Turtles are pretty lazy though and don’t move about much so once we had all seen it we went off looking at all the other different marine life. I saw eels, rays, pufferfish etc. I saw something that caught my interest at the bottom so i swam down to take a closer look and when i equalized i could hear this high pitched whistling noise. I was a little woried that my ears were going crazy and so went back to the surface. When i was at the surface i was talking to our guide and he said the whistling i could hear was actually the whales singing to eachother. My second attempt i heard it better i swam down sat on the sea bed, equalised and stayed as still as possible listening to the whales singing. It was amazing, a really high pitched whistling noise coming from miles away.

By the time i had finished going up and down for about the 20th time i noticed that everyone had headed back to the beach for lunch. I started to swim back and then i noticed something moving beneath me, it was the turtle, it had decided to go for a swim, i turned around and swam along next to it taking some pics and then it swam to the bottom. I swam down as deep as i could and then as i started spinning and twisting around i think i must have drawn its attention because it came back towards me and started swimming near me again. It was brilliant. I was so lucky o be in the right place at the right time. The turtle looked really gracefull swimming along next to me and i’m sure it was thinking, who is this guy flapping about next to me ahaha. I think i took some good pictures so i will look forward to getting my film developed.

Eventually i realised i was swimming further and further away from the beach and so turned and headed back. After getting to the beach and having some lunch we all hung out there until we were told we were moving to the next beach, McKenna.

We arrived at McKenna and set up the volleyball net and had a game, i am proud to say i was on the winning team. After a spot of swimming to cool down we all headed over to little beach which is next to McKenna. Little Beach is ‘clothing optional’ but seeing as how the sun had gone in all the clothes stayed on within our group… well sort of! 😉

We spent a couple of hours there before heading back to the bus. On the way back we noticed that swimming just off the shore was a huge black Manta Ray. I’d wanted to see one of these in Australia when i was diving but i didn’t, so i was really happy to see one.

After getting back to the bus we all got taken to a bar called, Life’s a beach. I had some enchilada’s and a few beers and then we all returned to the hostel for a few more beers and then hit the sack.

Tomorrow we are going whale watching so i’m looking forward to that. Like the name of the bar says…..Life is a beach!


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