Pearl Harbour, Oahu

After arriving in Hawaii a few days ago we spent our first day in Waikiki just catching up on sleep and wandering about seeing what the place was like.

This morning we got up at 9am and headed to Pearl Harbour on the hostel run trip. We arrived got our tickets for the tour and had to wait two hours as it was really busy. After having some breakfast we returned to the main entrance and waited for our tour.

We were taken into a large cinema and shown a 20 minute film on what happened on December 7th 1941. After seeing the film, us and a load of Japanese hating Americans hopped on a boat which took us out to the USS Arizona Memorial. When we arrived there we were told to be quiet as it was technically a graveyard. we got off the boat and onto the memorial which spans the deck of the sunken Arizona. As I stood looking into the harbour i began to think of all those bodies that were still entombed inside the ship and i have to say it felt a little eerie. Whilst i was looking down onto the deck of the ship i noticed the occasional black dot in the water and then it would dissappear, it was oil from the ship. It was amazing to think that a boat that sunk 66 years ago was still leaking oil drop by drop. It was really quite strange and after spending about half an hour viewing the ship, the harbour and looking at the massive marble wall of names of the people who died that day we had to get the boat back to the mainland.

I found it really interesting but I think we all left feeling a little wierd, it was a strange place to be, interesting but very strange


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