Bula Fiji

I arrived in Fiji to be greeted by 3 islanders singing traditional songs as i stood in line at passport control. I think from that point onwards i knew i was going to like Fiji.

After getting my bags etc, we caught a bus to take us to our resort, neither of us knew where it was or how long it would take to get there and so when we were still on the bus two hours later we were thinking we were going to be in the middle of nowhere! After passing endless resorts we got to a place where there seemed to be just tin sheds everywhere, not to fear though as just around the corner was our resort. The warwick resort and spa. As soon as i read the name i knew it would be good and i was certainly pleased when I got there to find that the resort was recently awarded 5*’s.

After checking in and being shown to our rooms we headed straight for the pool and more importantly the poolside bar. I then spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to various people in the pool and getting to know Matt, a guy from St Louis in the states.

Later that night me, Kate and Matt all went to the restaurant for some food and drinks, then spent the evening chatting and watching the huge electrical storm over the sea.

The next morning i wokeup feeling really ill, a mixture of a headache, sore throat and earache.. just what you want when its 35 degrees outside hey? After half a pack of Neurofen i was back on full fitness and so hit the pool. Got chatting to some of the people i’d met the day before and pretty much remained there for the rest of the day. I booked myself on a snorkelling trip later that afternoon and so Me, Mike, Marty & his girlfriend (laurie i think) headed out for a few hours of fun…. away from the pool bar.

The guy who was our guide was a fish, i’m pretty sure of it! He would swim down 15m easy without equalising, simply disappear inside some coral caves and then pop up minutes later shouting “friends, over here”. He was good though and showed us loads of cool things we’d probably have missed if we had gone on our own.

After returning to the resort Me, Mike, Marty and laurie went straight to the bar and stayed there for a few hours whilst been given the most disgusting shots to do. Hey they were free though so its rude to say no..

Later that night Kate and I met up with Matt, Mike, (Robin & Mary-Beth, Mikes family), Marty and Laurie and all had dinner at the japanese restaurant. It was really nice to sit and have dinner with a load of people, it was good to talk about other things than, where we had been and where we were going next, the usual hostel talk!

We then went up to the bar for a couple of swift ones before heading to bed for an early night because we had to be up at 5:30am.


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