Sorry its been a little quiet these last few days, i’ve been busy… drinking etc!

After arriving in Auckland a few days ago we went out and met Kate’s friend Sally. That night we had a rather messy night out in an Irish bar by the harbour, those irish sure know how to party. It was a really good night though with these two guys playing your requests at a small price of two Jagermeisters! Needless to say that by the end of the night they were pretty drunk, but suprisingly, the music still sounded good (perhaps thats because i was also pretty drunk :-s).

The next morning we went up the Sky Tower, not the most impressive view we have seen, but it gave us something to do. Later that afternoon we met up with Sally again and went back to her rather flash flat and she cooked us dinner whilst we sat on a sofa and watched tv. Sounds pretty boring, but we both enjoyed being able to sit on a comfy sofa watching what we wanted on tv, whilst our dinner was being cooked. Dinner was delicious (chicken risotto) and after washing it down with a few glasses of wine, kate and I headed back into the city.

We decided to go out and watch the new Rocky film (Ok, i admit, i decided). I loved it, Rocky was back and it beat the hell out of rocky IV and V. I left feeling like i wanted to run down the street punching people, but i didn’t. I also really wish i had a long enough connection in Philidelphia, on the way home, to go buy myself a grey tracksuit and run up the steps of the art museum thinking i was Rocky. Ahhh childhood fantasies.

This morning we were woken by our very noisy very drunk room mates at some stupid hour before eventually waking up properly a few hours later. After packing all our stuff for an early get up tomorrow we headed out to ‘Groove in the park’ which was a sort of dance party in the local Speedway stadium. Although i’m not really into dance music we had a pretty good day just lounging about in the sun listening to the music and watching the crazy people dancing like they were on drugs… come to think of it… they probably were.

Got back to the hostel at about 8pm and have spent the evening doing nothing really. We are both pretty tired and we have to catch a taxi to the airport at 4am tomorrow.

Off to Nadi in Fiji tomorrow, so the next entry will be from there.


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