Taupo And Huka Falls

After leaving Napier early this morning we drove down the long windy roads through the vinyards and out towards the hills… If we had Norman this would not be a problem.. however the pile of crap we have now slows almost to a stop on hills, its quite embarrasing.

Finally we made it up the hills and it was virtually down hill or flat all the way to Napier. Good job or else we’d still be driving now! It was quite amazing how fast the scenery changed, one minute i was driving past vinyard after vinyard, next i was crossing gorge’s and then before i knew it i was driving though rolling hills and passing volcano’s. Not your usual drive really.

After getting to Taupo, we drove to Huka Falls which is in a gorge just up the road from Taupo itself. It is what the Lonely Planet refers to as the Niagara Falls of New Zealand. i think they were being a bit generous there. It was pretty cool though watching as a wide river fed into a really narrow gorge as it all got churned up and shot down the gorge until it reached the opening below. It made me want to get my canoe out, i’d have never of made it down upright, but there were a few places that looked fun and reasonable enough to paddle. There were some pretty gnarly stoppers though and the 10m drop at the end looked a little too intense to paddle over.

Anyway tomorrow we’re off to Rotorua which is a really big geo-thermal area with hot springs a geysers everywhere so i’m looking forward to that as it sounds cool.


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