Well, other than look around Napier i did nothing else. I went to the cash machine to withdraw some money and i got told i had insufficent funds which put me in panic mode all day. Turns out it was just a mistake on the banks behalf after getting a call from the bank at 5:19am!

Now that is all sorted i can relax and enjoy myself. Unfortunately though, i kind of wasted yesterday as i only had $3 left in my pocket so i stayed in the hostel watching tv and reading up on the USA in my lonely planet.

I did venture out at one point though to take a look at all the buildings. Napier was flattened by a big earthquake in 1931 (i think) and everything was destroyed. Instead of re-building everything with brick as it was before they re-built everything in concrete and in a very art-deco style. Some of this looks quite appealing, some on the other hand looks bloody awful. I missed out on doing the vinyards but i’m not too concerned as i have been to vinyards in France before and anyways you can’t drink and drive right? (you might spill it!)


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