After leaving Wellington and arriving in Paraparumu about an hour down the road, we both spent the day doing absolutely nothing other than just reading our books and relaxing.

Later that evening we met up with Liz who we met in Fraser Island (what seems like forever ago) for some dinner. We went to a really good Italian restaurant called Soprano’s and enjoyed some good Italian grub before heading out to a bar.

Heading to a bar was a bit of a mission though in Paraparaumu. Turns out that this sleepy little town on the Kapiti coast hasn’t really got a nightlife at all, the average age of its residents is probably late 60’s! it was only 9pm and everywhere was shut. However, we did finally find a little cafe which was open and so ended up in there just having a chat and a milkshake. Hardly a raging night out, but it was good nonetheless.

We dropped Liz off back at her place and then retired to the hostel. This morning we drove accross the North Island to Napier. Napier and the Hawke’s Bay Region is a big vinyard area and the town of Napier itself is very art deco. Seems nice and there seems to be a bit more to do than in Paraparaumu.


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