Goodbye Welly

It’s a sad day….. yeah, we left the city and headed out into the unknown again. I’d grown quite fond of Wellington. I got back onto the party scene after 25 days of being t-total and although i felt like i had been kicked in the head yesterday morning, i had a great time the night before. Kate and I spent the morning feeling sorry for ourselves and gorging on junk food before meeting up with Claire for a drink in the afternoon. A soft drink i might add…. OJ to get the vitamins back into us hehe. Hours of chatting later we decided to head to a Chinese for some food and we then said our goodbyes and Kate and i headed off to the cinema to watch Blood Diamond. (If you haven’t seen it.. you should go.. its really good)

I’m now in Paraparaumu and to be honest, there isn’t a lot here, a beach and a few little cafe’s. We’re here to meet Liz, a friend we made on Fraser Island who is working here for a while. Tomorrow we head to Napier which i think will be a bit more ‘happening’.


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