The Wellington Cup – Day at the races

Okay, so after the reasonably quiet few weeks in the South Island, taking time to enjoy the scenery and do a ‘few’ crazy things, we arrived in Wellington. Wellington is a pretty cool city and where we are staying is a 2 minute walk to all the bars and cinemas.

A couple of nights ago we met up with Claire (my aunties, friends, (Cathy’s), daughter) sounds complicated eh? Cathy is a Kiwi who moved out to the Rochester where my uncle and auntie live and so i’ve met her a few times. I’d never met Claire before as she lives in Wellington NZ.. which is why we met up with her here. I’m glad i got that bit out of the way, now you won’t sit reading this thinking, who the hell is he on about!

So.. we met up with Claire & her friend/couisn (ish) Ian at a bar for a quick drink and a chat on our first night here. They both suggested that we met up with them at the Wellington Cup Races on Saturday afternoon. Sounded like a plan to us and so after a spot of shopping yesterday morning we went back to the hostel, got our glad rags on and caught a train to Trentham Race Course.

It was $20 to get in which wasn’t to bad at all and so we found the others sat on a grass bank drinking & people watching and so we sat and joined in, I think you can see where this story is heading, we didn’t really watch a lot of the horse racing.. i was too busy looking at all the attractive young ladies and in some cases the rather bizzare choice of dress. (60 year old women wearing dresses that would only look good on an extremely slim 18 year old haahaa)

After the races finished we ventured into this random bar called the Tote, a strange bar it must be said and it was full of very drunk kiwis. A gentleman in the toilets told me to “watch out for the F***ing Coconuts & the darkies”. I had no idea what he meant and was later informed that he meant the pacific islanders. What a nice guy, cheers for the warning.

Later on i was stood at the bar when some girl smiled at me and asked how i was, so after a minute or so of polite convo some mauri guy puts his arm around me & tells me “if i keep talking to his girlfriend, i’d get battered”. I just laughed and said “nice to meet you too” I think that just annoyed him more as his mate then came over and said “if he can’t flatten you.. I can”. So all in all it was a lovely bar with a great atmosphere! :-s

After a good number of beers i got chatting to some random girls and blagged kate and i a free lift back to the city with them. When we got back to the city Kate decided she didn’t want to go out and went back to the hostel. That left me flying solo, i lasted an hour and a bit before getting myself into a situation where it really was best that i left….

I woke up this morning realising that the last 26 days without alcohol have been great and if there was one thing i hadn’t missed other than the lack of money in my wallet the next morning, was that for the previous 25 mornings i’d woken up feeling full of energy. This morning i woke up and i wanted to die. Alcohol is BAD!

I’m due to leave Welly tomorrow and head to Paraparaumu to meet up with the california kid (Liz) before moving north to Napier in the next few days. I’m going to miss Welly, i quite like it here!

P.S. i took my camera out with me yesterday but forgot i had it with me… so i have no photos! oops

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