Well, i told you it would be a good one, the well kept secret need no longer be a secret. Today i did my first skydive……

After a few hours in the car, I arrived at Fox Glacier on the west coast of New Zealands South Island. My day was going to be a little different to a usual day of traveling. Today i was planning on jumping out of a plane.

As i drove into Fox, there was low cloud and it all looked a little bit dull, i started to feel really disappointed as i’d been told by rod the previous day that they don’t jump when its cloudy as you don’t see anything. Anyway, i thought it best to check out whether they would be jumping later in the day or not. As i was early by about 3 hours i thought i could spend a few hours psycing myself up…. turned out i had no time to do that at all, i was told to jump into a suit and i could go right away.

I got into my suit and then got my harness on before being given a little talk on how to get out of the plane and the position to take once freefalling. I had chosen to do the highest jump which was from 12,000 feet abouve Mt Cook and over the Glacier, crazy huh… first jump and i choose the highest!

I got onto the plane and got hooked onto Rod the guy who was taking me and then we started doing a little bit of talking for my dvd i had paid for as we started to climb. After a few thousand feet our little plane made it through the clouds and to the beautiful sunny blue skies above. All around were snow capped mountains and looking down you could see the mighty fox glacier coming down the valley below. After about 15 minutes of scenic flight, Rod turns to me and asks me if i’m nervous.. now considering that i do have a bit of an issue with heights, my expected reply was yeah. Instead of which the words came out without thinkin, i was well up for it.

After reaching 12,000 feet, they opened the door and we shuffled forwards so we we’re by the door. As Rod sat on the edge of the plane, i was attatched to him dangling out just looking down and seeing fluffy white clouds. We had a few photo’s taken on the wing camera and then we flung ourselves out of the door, somersaulting towards the ground watching the plane fly off above our heads, before getting into the Banana position. haha. Arms out head back and feet up as we headed towards the glacier at 120mph taking in the breathtaking scenery all around. It was absolutely breath taking, i couldn’t stop smiling. (you’ll notice this when you finally see the dvd). After just a minute of freefall we had reached the altitude where we had to open the parachute. (i’d have freefalled for hours if it didn’t mean i would end up, well dead). As the chute opened we shot back upwards through the clouds and then it all went quiet as we floated back down through them towards the drop zone. As we we’re coming down i was allowed to use my own camera to take some shots, before putting it away and making a rather smooth landing on the green grass.

The whole experience was amazing and i’m sure i’m going to annoy the crap out of everyone by talking about it for weeks, but it was really great. I can’t imagine a more spectacular backdrop to jump out over.

The dvd is great and i can’t wait to show you all. As for the wing pictures as i jump out of the plane… well the disc didn’t work, so i am going to give them a call and see if i can head back and get them to do me another copy.

Tomorrow, as much as i would love to do another jump, i can’t afford to and so i’m doing a full day hike on the Franz Joseph Glacier about half an hour away from Fox and 2 mins from our YHA.

So… more great pictures to come.

(>O+< (tilt ur head… its me under a parachute, hahaha i just made that one up, i should sell the rights to msn!)


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