Today we left the hostel at about 10am and set off on to Wanaka, just a few hours up the road. Whilst driving up this rather twisty road we had to stop for a guy holidng a sign saying film crew on it as some car hurtled up and down the road ahead of us being chased by a helicopter. God knows what it was all about, whether it was a commercial or a movie, i don’t know, but either way it added a bit of interest to the journey.

We arrived at Wanaka, dropped off our stuff and headed out to ‘Puzzling World’ it is a place just up the road that has a big maze, loads of illusions and the like. Was pretty cool and was a good way to spend the afternoon, especially as we bumped into a couple we had met in Sydney at New Year. After spending ages trying to find our way out of the maze, we stocked up on food for the next few days and then went for a walk about town. Wanaka seems to be a pretty small place, a bit like Te Anau, very relaxed and really great scenery. Thats when i ended up here at the internet cafe.

So… nothing else to say really, other than make sure you all read my blog tomorrow…. Its going to be a good one!!


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