After arriving and having rather lazy day yesterday, today we decided to go up on the gondola and take in the views of the ‘Remarkables’, yet another place where the lord of the rings was filmed. Before that though, it was time to yet again let someone loose on my hair, it was simply too thick and too hot to put up with anymore so i’ve gone for the skin head…… (only kidding mum).

I’d heard that there was a mini street luge course at the top of the mountain and so headed straight for that, grabbed my crash helmet and jumped on the ski lift to the top. After quickly being shown how the luge worked and more importantly how to use the brakes, i jumped on and launched myself down this relatively steep slope. Before long i realised, that i didn’t really need the brake unless i messed up my cornering or came accross some poor child struggling their way down and so i let gravity do the work and shot off down the slope passing everything i could. Unfortunately by doing this, i didn’t really get to admire the views all that much, i did however beat the pants of everyone who set of at the same time as me so it was worth it.

As for this evening, i think an early night may be instore as we’ve got to drive to the next place tomorrow. Lake Wanaka.


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