Mt Cook & Dunedin

After packing up the car we hit the road and headed for Mt Cook. The plan was to be there in time for lunch but in the end we we’re there by about 11pm so decided against lunch there and just took in the views and took a few snaps.

We then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon in the car cruising down the roads listening to the worst radio station in the world, as my iTrip has seemingly packed in. Grrr. Arriving in Dunedin (which apparently means Edingburgh in Gaelic!?) we decided to just take a wander round and see what was what. Not really planning on doing much other than taking in the views until we get to Te Anau, where we will go on a trip to the Milford Sound. So really I have nothing to write, but I do have a few pics… Yes… more of them. I’ll load them when i find a decent computer tomorrow or the day after.

UPDATE: Turns out the hostel we stayed in was in fact an old hospital and was haunted. I didn’t see a ghost though, fairly happy about that, although a pic would’ve been great on the blog. Went to see Happy Feet this evening…. quality. I want to go again, i laughed more than the kids hahaha.


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