Lake Tekapo

This morning we were handed the keys to our hire car, a Nissan Sunny. Not exactly the car of my choice, but it is practical and has plenty of room.

After heading down the road to get some shopping done for the next couple of days, we headed out of Christchurch down the scenic inland road. That is actually the name of it!?. Can’t imagine us Brits calling the M6 the inland boring road can you? Anyway the driving was pretty easy and after 3 or 4 hours we arrived at our accomodation for the night at the beautiful Lake Tekapo.

The lake is a really bright blue colour and as a backdrop there is a really nice snow capped mountain range. As you sit in the common room of the hostel, this is the view you get. Spectacular & all for the bargin price of NZ$ 26 about GBP 9.50!!! We spent the afternoon sat on the pebbley beach skimming stones like little kids and enjoying the sunshine, before treating ourselves to an ice lolly! What a day hey haha.

Tomorrow the plan of action is to head to Mt Cook, as we didn’t make it today, and then onto Dunedin, which apparently is like Edingurgh,…. Sounds good to me! Kate’s the driver tomorrow and i’m the navigator, although we did end up doing a lap of Christchurch this morning, i’m sure there will be none of that tomorrow! Although to be fair, it wasn’t that she can’t read maps, she can, it was the distraction of her mobile phone that made us go the wrong way. I asked whether it was left or right and the answer I got was “Yes” hahaha. All good fun though.


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