Christchurch, New Zealand

After descending through the clouds and the turbulance we touched down in New Zealand only to be greeted by grey skies and drizzle. Just to point out, the weather hasn’t changed either, its still dull and rainy! 

Christchurch is a pretty quiet place and there isn’t loads to do but all the same it is still a nice place. Cathedral Square is the centre of the city and that is where we are staying. As the weather wasn’t great and we had no idea where to go or what to do for the next month we headed to the travel shops. After collecting 1 million brochures we finally decided that the best way to get around the island was to hire a car. So tomorrow morning we collect our car and hopefully set off to Mt Cook which is supposed to be really beautiful. After that, we have decided to just go wherever the wind blows and see where we end up. It will be nice to have that flexibility again. 

Not a lot to say as i haven’t done anything really yet.





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