Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

After a 15 hour Greyhound from Melbourne back to Sydney we finally arrived at our hostel, our last hostel we’d stay in whilst in Australia. It began to sink in at that point that, Wow, I’d been away for 2 months already and had visited two countries and in the morning i would be leaving for yet another. It was kind of a shame really because in the last few days in Melbourne, i’d made some really good friends, but like all friendships you make whilst travelling we we’re going our separate ways. But the thought of more adventures to come is always a comforting thought.

Before heading off to New Zealand though, Australia had one more adventure left instore for me. With the money my Grandma gave me for Christmas i booked myself on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. As i had seen a fair bot of Sydney in daylight i decided that a good time to do it would be at 7:15 as the sun starts to set.

So I arrived at the Bridge was handed my boiler suit and then we headed through into another room where we were shown how to put on our harnesses and then were kitted out with radio’s and a head torch for when it went dark.

The time had come and we left the building and headed up some stairs to where we could get out onto the bridge. First off we had to walk on the boardwalk just underneath the road level. As i’m not such a fan of heights i thought i might be a little nervous but to be honest this was the worst part. Once we climbed the ladder up to the begining of the arch i was just too busy gawping at the view to worry about how high up i was.

As we started to climb the bridge the sun went down behind us and the sky turned a bright pink colour. Shortly after all the lights of the CBD started to come on and then the Opera House became lit up. It looked great. On the way up our team leader, Andrew was talking through our radios about the history of the bridge and pointing out the odd thing on the horizon etc. After what didn’t seem all that long, we arrived at the top where we got one of the most spectacular views i have ever seen. We all stood at the top and shouted at the top of our voices, although i’m sure no one down below could hear us it felt awsome. We had some photos taken at the top and then were told a funny story about how back before the days of Bridge Climb, the guys who worked on the bridge were once at the top when they noticed something. It was a shopping trolley which was full of empty beer cans. Sounded to me like a crazy night out, not even on some of my nights out with Stew have i ever been that drunk to think up something quite so crazy. Be a hell of a story to tell your kids though!

We then started our descent and were left to admire the views as we climbed down slowly trying to make it last as long as possible. When we finally reached the bottom, i felt like i had conquered everest or something i was really pumped up with adrenaline i guess. We went back into the building and took our kit off and were then presented with our Bridge Climb certificates and a free group photograph. The other ones i purchased on cd so i could load them on here.

It was one of the best things i’ve done so far and was such a cool experience. Thanks Grandma for the Christmas present it was incredible.

Now of course, home is now New Zealand and will be for the next month before flying out to Fiji. The weather here at the moment is pretty chilly and we were greeted with rain. However it is not all bad, my hotel room has a big bed, a bath and proper loo roll. Sounds ridiculous, but seriously, i’m quite excited about this!

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