The Great Ocean Road

After a rather late night, we got up early and waited for them to drop our hire car off at the hostel so that we could drive The Great Ocean Road. About half an hour later than it should have, it finally arrived.

Our little beast for the day was a Hyundai Getz (it was the cheapest to hire at 20quid). I must say it didn’t look too bad and around the streets of Melbourne it handled pretty well. That is until we reached the freeway, suddenly any power which we did have seemed to dissappear once we got past 3rd gear. So after just over 2 hours of sluggishly cruising down the freeway we reached the turn off for the Great Ocean Road. The road itself isn’t great… of course its just made of asphalt like any other road, but we soon realised why they called it great.. it was because of the views. After a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs we finally reached the 12 apostles. These big stacks of sandstone are really famous apparently and so we got out to take pictures. Unfortunately for some reason down this road, there seemed to be an excessive amount of flies everywhere and so it was pretty disgusting as they kept landing on your lips, trying to dive bomb into your ears and fly up your nose. Needless to say we weren’t out of the car long as it was simply unbearable.

Next stop was Loch Ard gorge… same story, way too many flies and again we weren’t out of the car long.

We then carried on driving north until we reached what is called London Bridge, doesn’t look much the same though. At this stop the girls just handed me their camera’s and told me to take the pictures. Yes you guessed it, i got attacked by more flies. I don’t know if it was the weather or what but there were millions of them.

By this point I had been driving for about 4 and a half hours and it was starting to get late and as we had a 15 hour greyhound back to Sydney that evening we had to start heading back. So back over all the ups and downs, twists and turns, and back down the freeway in our extremely slooow car, we finally arrived back in Melbourne just in time for our bus.

My verdict, yeah, i’m sure the Great Ocean Road is great when the sun is shining and there aren’t a million flies trying to land on you. But i was happier sat in the car looking at the views through the windscreen where the flies could not attack me . After nearly 9 hours of driving yesterday i don’t have to tell you that as soon as I sat on the Greyhound i fell fast asleep and remained that way for most of the journey.

Finally arriving back in Sydney this morning, I’m going to spend the day purchasing typical Australian tat such as boomerangs and then I’m going to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 7pm before flying out to New Zealand in the morning. I can hardly believe that my time in Australia is already over… i’ve met so many nice people that it is going to really suck knowing i will probably not see them again for a long long time.. if ever! But i’m sure i will meet loads of cool people in NZ too.


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