Pin Oak Close

Pin Oak Close…. what the hell is that?

Well it is the real name of the street commonly known as Ramsey street. Yep, having nothing better to do on a rather dull day in Melbourne Kate, Katy & I ventured out of town to see this famous tourist attraction.

I have to say I feel so sorry for the poor people who actually live in these houses as they must get bombarded by tourists day in day out taking pictures of their houses. My camera battery died and so i don’t have any pictures so i will pinch Kates when i get round to it. To be honest it looks a lot bigger on the TV than what it does in real life, and they obviously film it in a way to make it look nicer than it is. As the weather was cold and over cast it didn’t look too appealing at all.

After a few pictures we headed back to the hostel and started to get ready to go out. Carla had invited us to go to someones birthday night out and although we didn’t even know the person who’s birthday it was, it took us all of 2 seconds to agree to go. I’m always up for a party! We got a cab to this bar called the Geebung and got introduced to everyone, most of whose names i forgot in less than a minute. (I’m sorry if any of you ever read this!) I did however remember the Birthday girls name, Susan and also one of Carla’s friends, Nat. haha Anyways after a few hours there we headed off to a bar called Star Bar and continued to party the night away until about half 2 when I decided to leave. As it was only 6 or 7 blocks from the hostel i decided to walk back and save some money, bad idea, as i started walking the rain started. I eventually got in but i was a little damp. I had a great night though, and everyone was really nice, I wanted to carry on partying but I had to drive to the Great Ocean Road the next day.


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