Albert Park

Like the proper little motorsport geek that i am, perhaps only coming second to Warren, I decided that seeing as how i am in Melbourne i should take a walk around Albert Park, where the Australian Formula One race is held.

The Park is just like any other park in a city really, it has a lot of trees, nice little walks and a lake in the middle. The one striking difference to say Hyde Park is that in the centre of it there is a pit lane and a whole load of garages. I dragged Kate along for the walk and so proceeded to walk (backwards) around the track, it certainly seems very different to what I imagine it would on a race day. There are no grandstands, gravel traps or barriers anywhere just lots of posts with chains running between them along the roadside. It is almost impossible to think that in just over two months that place will be transformed into a race track.

Anyways, after completing a lap, probably near to an hour off the pace we headed back to the hostel which in itself was a good mile away. Tonight we are off out to meet a friend Kate made on the Whitsundays for a few drinks…. mine will be cokes… i’m serious about this new years resolution.


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