Well, upon arrival in Canberra we were greeted by a whole lot of rain and although the weather has improved over the last few days, it certainly isn’t as good as what we have become used to travellingg down the Gold Coast.

First impressions of Canberra were that considering that this is the Capital of Australia, it seemed extremely quiet and there didn’t seem a great deal to do. After checking into our YHA we went for a walk around the city and didn’t really find alot to be honest.

We noticed that there was a sightseeing tour that departed from the hostel every morning and so we booked ourselves onto it, hoping that the tour guide may know some good places to go. First stop of the day was the Australian War Memorial, which i have to say was pretty interesting and in the large hall at the end of the museum they had a selection of World War planes, tanks guns etc.

After the war memorial we drove to Lake Burley-Griffin, named so after the man who designed and built Canberra. There was a fascinating fountain in the middle of the lake, which we all just HAD to take pictures of (notice the hint of sarcasm).

We then were dropped off at the new Australian Parliment, which i’m sure were interesting if you were Australian, were of no real interest to me. I was more interested in the funny triangular spire at the top of the building.

After spending what seemed like an eternity there, which in reality was only an hour and a half, we left and drove around all the different embassies and high comissions. (BTW i have no idea what a high comission is… Answers on the message board pls) The embassies were like something you’d see at epcot. In this tiny suburb of canberra, there were temple like buildings for countries such as Thailand & China, country estate type buildings for the UK and just massive building for the yanks. What made us all laugh was that although all the buildings were obviously under close surveillance, the American Emabassy went overkill with guards on all gates and a stupid amount of security. Only in America hey!?

The last stop of the day was the National Museum of Australia, which was really interactive and absolutely huge. So huge that in an hour and a half we didn’t get off the first floor so we’re heading back today before we leave. Free you see… can’t beat free stuff. Although Canberra is pretty quiet, everything like the museums are free are charge a nominal amount so its a good way to save money.

As for the New Years resolutions, they are going well… yeah i know i’m only 3 days in, but i decided to have a dry month and so far so good. I spent the night before last playing cards and last night reading. My life has become so exciting that i now get to bed before 11pm every night!!!

Off on another overnight bus to Melbourne tonight, where i will be spending the next 4 days before heading back to Sydney to fly out to New Zealand.


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